High Performance with Polyester Strapping


High Performance with Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping provides the unique combination of high elongation and excellent tensile strength, providing highly reliable strapping solution. Steel may have extremely high tensile strength, but polyester strap can withstand impacts and shocks more effectively. This makes it an even better option for transportation. Thus, polyester strapping stands out by providing high level of performance.

Advantages of Using Poly Strapping

There are many advantages of using polyester strap, making it the preferred alternative to steel. Some of its main benefits include:

  • It has exceptionally high corrosion resistance which helps in reducing contamination or damage of the packaged items.
  • There is lesser pressure on the package edges. This eliminates the need for any corner protectors.
  • This high-performance plastic strapping reduces damage during transportation because of its shock-absorbing property.
  • Even when the package shrinks, the strapping tension remain even.
  • The reduced materials costs help significantly increase savings.
  • There is reduced risk of injury if polyester strap breaks.
  • It is also more environment friendly compared to other alternatives because it is easily recyclable.

Polypropylene Strapping

Similar to polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping also has high resistance to corrosion. It is flexible and doesn’t cause damage to the packaged items. It can help in securing the packages in a safe way while saving time and minimizing the amount of wasted strap.

A wide range of strapping methods and rolls are available for polypropylene strapping, making it a more practical strapping solution for all types and sizes of needs. It can be used for strapping anything ranging from the smallest packages to hundreds of packages a day.

Tools Recommended For Plastic Strapping

The list of recommended tools for poly strapping is quite long. It includes the following battery powered tools:

Some of the popular hand tools for plastic strapping include 114C, 34POLY, ASC320, ASC330, ASC350, ASC370, MIP-380, and ORS 1100. The leading pneumatic strapping tools include P350, P355, P359, P356, P380, P360, P361, POLI MT, VT-32HD, VT-25HD, VT-19HD, VT-16HD, VFX, Columbia POLI HT25, Columbia POLI LT, PTPHT400, Columbia Welder, Columbia Welder No Cut, and VT-16 Brick.

Besides, all the accessories for poly strapping are readily available for order online. you can use these additions to get more out of your tool.

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