Plastic Strapping and the Benefits


There are different types of plastic straps and many offer the benefits of the traditional steel strapping without its drawbacks. Plastic strapping will not cut into the tires of vehicles. It is lightweight and eliminates the risk of injuring the users. Because plastic strapping has higher footage per coil, this helps in reducing the need for frequent coil changes. There are many more reasons for using plastic strapping tools.

Advantages Of Plastic Strapping

Plastic straps are finding increasing application due to the following benefits:

More Affordable: Using plastic strapping helps in reducing costs by almost 50% compared to using steel straps of same width. This also includes cost reductions for handling and freight because of light weight and enhanced safety.
Safer to Use: Plastic strapping doesn’t have the sharp edges found in metal strapping. It cannot damage loads or create safety hazard for users. There is also reduced risk of injury during tensioning and cutting.
Corrosion-Resistant: It does not rust or get corroded by most chemicals. Therefore, plastic also doesn’t leave any stains on products or loads.
Strong Impact Resistance: It can be used for strapping compressed and rigid loads because of very high impact resistance. Plastic strapping has higher shock absorbing capacity compared to steel.
Good Elastic Memory: Plastic strapping has good elastic memory and returns to its normal stretch. This property helps the strap in maintaining its tension even when the load moves during transportation. The same cannot be said for metal strapping.
Another advantage of using plastic strapping is that it can be printed upon. It is not as easy to print on metal straps, even stainless steel strapping. Plastic strapping can be secured using a wide range of sealing systems. It is a highly versatile strapping system. You can secure it using the following seal types:

Push seals
Closed seals
Open seals
Strapping Material of Choice

There are many applications where plastic straps, including cord strapping can be the strapping material of choice because of the high tensile strength. It can retain its tensile strength for longer durations. It also provides better load stability. Excellent weather resistance is one of the main reasons why plastic strapping stands out from its metal counterparts. It can be used in both harsh and extreme weather conditions. It also has strong UV-resistance and doesn’t get damaged even in high outdoor temperatures.

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