Steel Strapping and Metal Banding


Steel Strapping and Metal Banding

The steel material is the earliest choice used for making strapping and it continues to find applications in a wide range of industries. People in many industries can still not imagine replacing steel strapping with any other alternative. It is the strongest material available for strapping and is available in different degrees of tensile strength that make it the perfect option for different applications.


Steel has minimal stretch and this makes it the ideal choice for a versatile range of tasks, especially where the objects and packages need to held firmly in place. This high tensile strapping is used for heaviest-duty tasks ranging from the construction industry to the shipping and marine industries. Some of the common applications of steel include the following:

  • Metal coils
  • Baling wire
  • Metal bundles
  • Roll end binding
  • Bricks & pavers

Types of Steel Strapping

What makes steel so widely popular for widespread applications in different industries is the versatility of the material. You can find more steel strapping types to accommodate different kinds of needs than many other alternatives. The different types of steel straps and their properties are as following:

  • Regular Steel Strapping: It is recommended for heavy shipments where more protection is needed compared to other options. This type of metal Banding has fair elongation, very good break strength, fair corrosion resistance, and excellent UV resistance.
  • High Tensile Steel Strapping: The high tensile strapping is used for heavy-duty applications such as in railroad shipments. It has good elongation, fair resistance to corrosion, excellent break strength, and very high UV resistance.

These different options are also referred to as different grades. There are a few more varieties available in terms of the coating used on the steel strapping. The different types of finishes can include the following:

  • Zinc or bluing
  • Paint
  • Wax
  • Paint & wax

The wax helps in more effective transmission of tension through the bundle. It is also used with some types of steel strapping tools.

Thus, steel is used for making strapping of highest tensile strength in the industry. You can also choose from a wide range of strapping dimensions to suit to your needs. It is available in almost every width and thickness to suit to the kind of application involved. Steel is used not only for heavy-duty applications where minimal stretch and high strength are required, but also where the object is hot or sharp. Thus, it can be the only strapping option in such cases.

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